BattleStripes Apparel is not just a brand, it is inspiration and motivation for those who continue to overcome their daily battles. Many can relate and have a good understanding of what the brand stands for; however, it stands for so much more. 

It stands for EVERYBODY fighting battles in Life. From children fighting the life battle of ADHD and Autism, to losing someone close to you fighting cancer or any other illness. Service members in the Military fighting for our Country away from home or a Military Veteran fighting adversity. Law enforcement battling all the war on crime, paramedics and EMT's battling to keep victims alive and ensure they make it back home to their loved ones. From Firefighters battling blazing fires or cutting someone out of a bad accident with the jaws of life, to the average person dealing with hidden battles such as depression and anxiety. From mental health to protecting what we love, BattleStripes Apparel is here to promote one another to be victorious in overcoming the battles we all face regardless the walk of life we face them in. 

No two battles are the same and we want everyone to feel empowered when you are wearing your stripes. Let us tell your story by wearing ours. Keep earning your stripes by facing today, tomorrow and not giving up. As a brand we believe no battle should be fought alone...